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Working with Each Student

The 学生服务 at Foundation Academy will work with each student 和 his or her family to select 和 schedule appropriate courses, explore college 和 career opportunities, 和 prepare for 和 complete relevant testing.  At the 高中 level, students will be given opportunities to make connections with a variety of colleges 和 will be given guidance 和 direction throughout the college application process.

More Information for You

We hope you will find this information to be both helpful 和 informative.  Please know that it is our desire to partner with you throughout the many stages of your child’s educational 经验. 

高中 Profile

The Foundation Academy, 高中 profile, will provide a comprehensive breakdown of our 高中 经验. From our community to our rigorous curriculum 和 the academic accomplishments of our most recent graduates, the Foundation Academy 高中 profile has all the necessary information.

View The Foundation Academy 高中 Profile

高中 Catalog

The 高中 Catalog breakdown is in an easy-to-underst和 format: graduation requirements, 学术水平, 课程目录, 语言艺术, 数学, 科学, 社会研究, 外语, 基督教的研究, 选修课, 最后, our dual enrollment program.

2024-25 高中 Course Catalog

中学 Catalog

The 中学 Catalog breakdown is in an easy-to-underst和 format. Following 学术水平, 课程目录, 语言艺术, 数学, 科学, 社会研究, 外语, 基督教的研究, 选修课.

2024-25 中学 Course Catalog



Foundation Academy is pleased to announce that we have implemented a new college guidance management system called Scoir (pronounced “score”). 这个新, modern online system will streamline the process of requesting, 处理, sending 和 tracking the electronic delivery of all application-related documents. 更重要的是, it’s much more helpful for students 和 parents during the college search 和 selection process.

在Scoir, colleges come to life through pictures, videos 和 links that highlight active student clubs 和 organizations. This better enables students to identify colleges that are a good fit with their personal 和 academic interests, which increases college retention. Scoir also provides parents with useful financial calculators so you can determine the likely cost of attendance at different colleges 和 consider the affordability when deciding where to apply.

这些特性, along with more convenient scheduling 和 communication tools, will help keep everyone informed 和 engaged throughout the college application process. Scoir exists to help more students achieve more positive outcomes, 和 we’re excited that our students have access to this system 和 the opportunities it provides.  


Headshot of 卡罗尔·该隐 - Director of Guidance & 大学位置


Director of 学生服务 & 大学位置 

Headshot of 莎拉·吉布森 - Upper School - 学生服务 Specialist


Academic Advisor/FAVL Director

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